BMW interior concept

HBK Saar
Diploma Thesis

Industrial Design
Physical Prototyping


How should a BMW’s electric car interior look like and what is the difference to a current interior? This was the challenge I set myself as my diploma thesis in 2008. 


To increase energy efficiency, electric cars have to be lighter than current cars. My intention at that time was to return the abdication into something positive. A puristic interior that is reduced to the essential driver-needs and appears in a self-confident way. The BMW typical driver oriention is celebrated in this concept. The floating surfaces and illuminated translucent materials give the interior a certain lightness. The technical elements, cables and air-supply are integrated in the metal-structure. The batteries are located betweenthe seats for perfect weight balance. All features are controled via a central touch screen.

The e-light concept combines both, the reduced natural inspired graphic structure- elements with floating dynamic surfaces; the clean and forwardlooking engine and BMW‘s driving pleasure.

 The project was exhibited at »Die Zukunft des Automobils/ the future of the automobile«
(Opelvillen Rüsselsheim, 9th June to 4th July 2010)