MedLumics NITID

Lunar Europe

Industrial Design
Physical Prototyping
User Testing
Implementation Support


How can we integrate a cutting-edge diagnostic imaging technology for dermatology in a truly portable device and thus simplify the daily treatment routine of doctors and patients?


NITID is a breakthrough & cutting-edge diagnostic imaging solution for dermatology. It allows a non-invasive diagnosis of the skin surface using a real-time combination imaging technologies with high sensitivity and specificity.

Starting with the initial concept development, we created the entire product design and usability concept based on user interviews and observations.
We supported the client during the concept and product development phases until the working prototype could be tested under clinical conditions. 

The NITID device combines new imagery technologies in a patent-protected, built-in display that integrates seamlessly with current patient-centered workflows. It is designed to provide a complete solution to patient and image management, supporting lesion mapping and follow-up, and will be completely portable, allowing physicians to use throughout their offices. The easy to use handheld device will bring clinical value across several dermatology and skin care indications.